Monday, February 12, 2007

Planning a Wake -

The crunch is on, yo!

I'm a bit envious about some of the parties y'all have planned. Original comic art? Too cool!

6 days left.

I've done some hardcore leafletting. Some emails to local fringe publications. Today I have to follow up with boingboing and RU Serious, to name a couple. If we all promote at once, we should get some nifty coverage.

Where have you all found coverage? Publishers love to know that the publishers in other cities found the event worth covering.

The move that crept up on me (or rather ambushed me from a corner 6 weeks away) has a LOT of my time tied up, but I work best under pressure and I can feel the wheels beginnning to take hold in my brain and productivity will soon follow.

Now is the time to talk about webcasting.

I'd like to set up a video chat station. What do y'all think? Something like yahoo video chat or somesuch should be perfectly adequate if each party can get their hands on a laptop, webcam and internet connection.

Let's get that lasagne off the ground!!!

Keep in touch!

Also, please take pictures of your events.
In a couple weeks this will be a memorial blog.
send me your articles, pictures, posters and updates on the events worldwide.

Also: I've been told that RAW requested that any donations in his honour be directed to Amnesty International. Sounds like a good cause to me. I've added a link to the links section.

Visit our links. Each one has provided inspiration, support and promotion to this and we wouldn't be the community we've become without them.

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