Thursday, February 1, 2007

Vancouver Update!

February 18th 4-6 pm

Maybe Logic
Brittania Centre,
1661 Napier St (adjacent to Commercial Drive)
Learning Resource Centre, below the library.

Contact Bryan for more information or to volunteer assistance and ideas.

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Nonprophet said...

Sorry to drop this in the comments section but I canne get the email to work c'pn

I don't know if you could add this to the blog?

February 18th London RAWmorial

Bring a 99p frozen lasagne so they shall know thee

Kicking off at 1:00pm but we will hand out mobile numbers so people
can join at any time.

Anybody interested please contact

1) Start at the Atlantis Bookshop off Bloomsbury square - Uncle Al's
favourite and one of the only known stockist of RAW's works. Here also
works a genuine top of the cauldron wiccan who worked with RAW in the

2) A five minute walk to the big Irish pub opposite the United Grand
Lodge Temple the global Citadel of FreeMasonary - here we will raise a
glass or two of porter and Jameson's to Simon Moon and Sigismundo

3) A ten minute walk down to Blackfriars Bridge - the mystical death
place of the Hanged Man Gods Banker Calvi - here we will toast Eris,
conspiracy and all who flail in her

4) A walk past the NT to salute RAWs 1970's production of Illuminatus
- here we toast the Artist known as RAW

5) We stop at a place equidistant between the Phallic Big Ben and the
Omphala London Eye - here we toast - well I suppose its the masculine
and feminine principle but lets be honest its a big willy and an
enormous Ladies front bottom

6) We randomly pick a fine London hostlery and Wake our dear dead
friend good and proper

Other possible RAWthematic places -
- The Royal Society - we could leave a metal stone from the sky outside
- Chelsea Town Hall - where Jimmy wed Norah
- The British Library : notes from Joyce's work and other such writers
(also has
the worlds oldest book - a proto Internet n'est pas?