Monday, January 29, 2007

Planning a Wake - 4

Well, traffic has slowed down since our day of being Boing'ed. I spent a work week on this blog, taking breaks to take my children to and from school but essentially ignoring all the housework and missing out on a fair amount of video game and barbie bonding with my wee'uns.

Fortunately, I'm not as cool as I used to be and they aren't too heartbroken.

But you didn't come here to read about my kids.

New York City was able to come back to us with a place and time, so now all they need for a kickass event is a guest list. Where's all those New Yorkers who contacted me last week? C'mon out of the woodwork, drop Kristian a line and get this party rolling.

I finally received a call back from Fred Newman, not sure when he called, but there was a message on my answering machine giving the thumbs up on the open mic. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the musician. I'll have to call him back.

The webmaster at has requested a phone conference. It took me a couple days to get my phone number to her due to a crazy weekend (some wild n' crazy, but that too is an entirely different blog). Hopefully we'll connect soon and my burning curiosity will be sated.

Still no word from booksellers, but it's time to shift the promotion wagon into overdrive. Less than 3 weeks to go!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Phoenix Valley

Caleb says:
another dead genius.

I am interested in heretically gathering the like-minded in the otherwise culturally-barren phoenix valley. Try him here in the comments or email me! and I'll pass word along.

New York update

NYC update:

i talked to the people at the Slipper Room and they said we are welcome to gather at their place on February 17th.

I've heard they have a DVD projector, so perhaps we could even play some RAW vids while drinking and toasting.

I doubt they'd appreciate the flinging of lasagnas, but perhaps we could make everyone a pope instead ?

let me know if you want to come so i can make sure things get organized well.

Contact Kristian at his website

Friday, January 26, 2007

A few days too late...

Maurice wrote me to say that he'd just heard about this blog and had already held an event in Los Angeles.

I've decided to post the event details here as an inspiration and source of activity ideas for other memorials.

Maurice says:
i had a small memorial here in Los Angeles last

Riders of the Divine Yeehah Memorial, Celebration and
Lasagna Throw for Robert Anton Wilson!

Calling all Riders,

A good man and influence left his body yesterday
morning and I'd like to have a little celebration for

Hot dogs on the house ! All who attend must bring
drink and a lasagna to throw at the end of the
evening. (see below)

Saturday, January 20th, 2007
7:00-10:00PM plus
5319 Packard St. >> Los Angeles, CA 90019
R.S.V.P. essential - please do through

7:00-8:00PM - Hot dogs and drinks
8:00-10:00PM - 5 minute readings/performance of
personal prose, recollections of RAW. If you would
like to participate in this please let me know.
Passages from his books can also be read.
10:00 - plus - Lasagna Throw.

Many asked if there was going to be a food fight. I
informed all that instead we would be hurtling lasagna
into the night sky. This was the high point of the
evening ; )

Here is suggestion for open mic - limit everyone who
speaks to five minutes, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some More Memorial Buzzings


Rev. Raven Winker says:

I cannot make the trip, but if anyone wants to do a synchronized meme-orial here in Atl, I'm surely game. Contact me through my blogger profile and we can set it up.

Hail Eris!

Praise Bob!

Perhaps Rev Winker can connect with the other Atl group?


Jack Henry says:

To have wings or a teleporter indeed, really really wish I could be there.
If anyone is organising their own event in the U.K. please let me know!

The Purple GooRoo says:

I may just have to have my own memorial on the 18th of February...or if anyone is hosting a gathering near Oxford, UK, lemme know!

Donnacha Delong says:

I'm hoping to organise something big(ish) in London - please get in touch if you want to be involved.


Wal says:

Is there anybody in Germany who likes to organize with me a RAW Meme-Orial in Trier or Koblenz on February, 18th? Please write me


I keep hearing people asking about NYC events, but nothing in the making. C'mon NYC Wilsonites, Discordians, Erisians and Blumenkinder!

Kristian Stout says:

I would go to something in NYC. anyone organizing one please let me know.
you can get me through here if you are organizing anything.

christ. seen says:

ny seers check out happy ending lounge you can make a party for free just pay for the alc. check them out -contact them they are very open.

Wakes in Progress:

Rev. Clarry says:

Hi there, I was hoping to get some people together to organize an event in Europe (being quite lazy, I was going for something in Brussels, but anywhere in Europe would be okay for me).
Anyone interested, please leave a comment at the blog or email Rev Clarry

Christina says:

Give me some ideas, I'm going to explore the possibility of an awake here in Colorado... I haven't heard/seen anything from Denver, so I'm assuming they are sucking the big one again. (ed note: are you going to take that lying down, Denver? Set up your own event before your reputation sets in!)

Christina didn't give me permission to publish her email, so email me! and I'll pass the word along to her if you have suggestions for her or would like to volunteer to help out.

Jack Babalon says his theatre company is hoping to organize an "open mic memorial" in Atlanta.

DrJon is taking suggestions for a location for a Brisbane memorial. If you have a suggestion for him, or would like to volunteer your assistance email me and I'll pass word along.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Planning a Wake - 3

Well, we've been linked to by Boing Boing and have received our first communication from someone else planning a celebration. How exciting!

In addition, we have listed ourselves (yes, it IS the royal we...I keep thinking at some point this will become more of a group effort) in Technorati.

I have heard rumours of events in Washington, Brisbane and London. Time will tell if these events come off the ground.

I have written to the bookshops again with the new date. I have already heard back from Pages books in Toronto, who unfortunately have an author series happening in January and February which will be keeping them too busy to man a table. Alas!

I have had an open mic suggested to me as well as an acoustic guy n' his guitar act who has been suggested as an appropriate entertainer for the event. I would be happy to have the guitarist/singer, though I'm a titch leery of an open mic. I think it's a splendid plan, I just can't be sure it'll be received well by all bar staff and patrons.

I have some surprises planned for the event as well.

My laundry goes neglected...

Vancouver Memorial!

Bryan Says:

On the day RAW died, I decided to host an event in Vancouver!

I now have a team of folks working on putting this together. We intend to show Maybe Logic in a large auditorium in east Vancouver BC. Most likely the Brittania Center On commercial drive.

We will syndicate it with others on feburary 18th

I know of others I have been working on promotional material with doing this in other cities.

I encourage everyone to similar events all around the world!

We can maybe have all cities listed on the RAW blog, boing boing, and promoted throughout local media and guerilla postering campaigns.

I'm working with local writers and columnists to spread the message.

Praise BOB!

all inquiries related to helping or pooling resources can be directed to

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Santa Cruz, CA - Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Meme-orial (official memorial)

Join Together at the Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Meme-Orial
& Lasagna Levitation Celebration!

Hail Eris! All Hail Bob!

Celebrate the life, work and continued multi-dimensionality of Robert Anton Wilson by joining us in a giant, jammin' Translation Celebration and 8th Circuit Soiree!

. Reconnect with old friends. Make new, like-minded friends. Share ideas. Exchange email addresses. (It's like the Internet, only in person.)
. Be a part of Bob's Raucous Processionary Send-Off as his ashes sail out of the cove and rejoin his beloved's in the Pacific!
. Watch continuous video clips of RAW from "Maybe Logic" documentary and from his numerous Trajectories videos.
. Expand your mind (and your tummy) with hors d'ourvres, soft drinks, and a cash bar.
. Expand your neighbors' minds by sharing remembrances and anecdotes at the open mic! (Brevity and levity are appreciated!)
. Mingle, nosh, remember, appreciate, celebrate!
. And above all, Keep the Lasagna Flying!


Where: The Cocoanut Grove, on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA:
When: Sunday, February 18, 2007
Time: 1 - 6 PM
Tickets: $23 each
Limited number available! To purchase tickets, or for additional


Q: How can I help kick out the jams?
A: Contribute to the media presentation. Forward photos of Bob or other creative visual remembrances that relate to RAW and his work. Your images will be included in a projected media presentation for all to enjoy. Please email your .jpegs (300-600 dpi) to no later than February 11th. Please consider contributing even if you can't be there in person.

Q: Is it always sunny in California?
A: Not in February, Chester. It's winter, and it can get DANG cold at the ocean. If you plan to play outside, dress for CHILLY weather and you will be fine and toasty.

Q: I'm coming from a long way away. Can I crash at your place?
A: Umm... not really. Click here to search for lodging in Santa Cruz County:

Q: I'm sorry...I spaced. Where did you say this was again?
A: The Cocoanut Grove is a famous ballroom attached to the Santa Cruz, CA, Beach Boardwalk (which is celebrating its centennial this year). Boardwalk arcades and amusement park rides (including the Giant Dipper, regularly voted one of America's Top 10 Rollercoasters) are open from 11am to 6pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the President's Day Holiday! All Hail Thomas Jefferson! Impeach Bush!

Q: So what is there to do before/after the ceremony?
A: If you've never communed with the redwoods, visit Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, just minutes up the road! Or enjoy one of Santa Cruz's fine restaurants (Bob loved the Golden Buddha in Soquel, for instance). Click here to search for more activities in Santa Cruz.

**Feel free to repost this announcement without changes**

San Jose, CA Pantheacon Community Ritual/RAW Memorial

Pantheacon Community Ritual/RAW Memorial

Please join us for an informal gathering and ritual to honor and remember the changes (births, marriages, deaths, etc.) that have happened during the year. This year's ritual is dedicated to the memory of Robert Anton Wilson and will celebrate and remember his life. If you would like to help with the ritual please email

San Jose, CA Papal Inaugeration and RAW memorial

Saturday (February 17th) night is's annual PantheaCon Discordian ritual. We'd planned a Papal Inauguration to formally install everyone as Pope, and we feel that this is now more important than ever. We will also honor RAW's memory and works in full Discordian style (uh, what that means I'm still a little unsure, but I'll have it figured out - got any ideas? email me). Here's the official description:'s Papal Inauguration & RAW Memorial

Every man, woman and child (and everyone else) is a Pope! And yet... how many Papal Inaugurations have you attended? Too few! Come learn what it means to commune with your pineal gland and get a shot at that Papal infallibility you so deserve. Help put the fun back in funeral, as we honor our departed mentor.

Toronto Wake

Hi all!

This is the first poster for the Toronto Wake!

Here is also where you can ask any questions about the Toronto Wake or about organizing a wake in your city or town!

Important Notice

It has been brought to my attention that there was a miscommunication as to dates for The San Francisco Memorial Service.

As our Toronto Wake was designed to coincide, Please note that it has also been rescheduled to the 18th of February. The poster shown here is the updated version. Update your calendars accordingly!

Planning a Wake - 2

So first I learned that the date I'd set for the wake was incorrect. Yikes! I had interpreted February 07 as Feb fact the memorial is now set for February 18th.

Time to backtrack.

So far, I had not lined up any booksellers: Out of two responses, Toronto's The Beguiling hadn't any stock and Toronto's Bakka Books was busy that night. I will be sending new emails to each shop in hopes that the extra 11 days might make a difference. As well, I will be sending emails to the remaining 5 shops I contacted with new requests. Hopefully they will be responsive this time. I may have to go in in person.

Fortunately, I had not yet managed to get flyers printed. Between my own illness and a few days of moving related scrambling, the print flyers had been put on hold. At least I won't have to replace flyers.

All it took to move the wake itself was a ten minute call to Fred Newman of Imperial Pub and the date was moved. The extra 11 days will be quite handy!

Today was spent updating the blog and updating my previous web networking groups of the change. Tomorrow, flyers will be printed and they will be distributed this weekend.

I contacted RAW's family to request some guidance for where to send any donations received. So far, I have no received a response.

Tomorrow also I will be looking into finding a few folks who might like to say a few words or participate in making this event as ridiculously discordant as a group of Toronto Erisians can manage.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Organizing a wake

The date of the wake was set for me, the same date as the memorial service seemed most appropriate.

Armed with the date, I asked around about venues large enough to accomodate lots of people, without needing to commit to a certain minimum. I found my location in the Imperial Library Pub, a book lined room run by a local book lover.

Things I had to clear with him:

Bringing in an effigy: Not that I had any intention of it being anything graphic or disturbing, but he did want to make sure that it wouldn't be. I also promised him that while it was an effigy, there was no intention to burn or otherwise cause mess or trouble pertaining to its presence.

Video facilities: After discussion, we found that he had a screen with DVD player. I was hoping he'd have a projector I could hook up to my laptop, to save me extensive editing duties, lacking that, I'll have to piece the files together and burn them to DVD.

Book Sellers table: I haven't yet lined up a book seller, but it's in my plan to arrange to have RAW's books for sale at the event. I had to clear with him permissions to invite someone in to do that.

Audio tools: For announcements, etc.

Once the venue was booked, it was time to build the flyer. The flyer I built has separate layers for the text and the images, so it's easy to adapt for any information. I built it in Adobe Illustrator and saved several versions: One for web, one for print and the original layered file.

I am distributing print and web versions to anyone who asks, and will be printing the print file and flyering in a few places starting this weekend.

Which brings us to promotion.

Obviously this site is part of the promotions.
Other ideas include contacting the philosophy departments at local colleges and universities, postering student halls, bars with clientele I think would be interested as well as respectfully contacting web groups and print publications.

I'll update after I speak with booksellers and as the process continues.

Ewige Blumenkraft!
23 Skidoo!
Everything is Under Control