Monday, January 29, 2007

Planning a Wake - 4

Well, traffic has slowed down since our day of being Boing'ed. I spent a work week on this blog, taking breaks to take my children to and from school but essentially ignoring all the housework and missing out on a fair amount of video game and barbie bonding with my wee'uns.

Fortunately, I'm not as cool as I used to be and they aren't too heartbroken.

But you didn't come here to read about my kids.

New York City was able to come back to us with a place and time, so now all they need for a kickass event is a guest list. Where's all those New Yorkers who contacted me last week? C'mon out of the woodwork, drop Kristian a line and get this party rolling.

I finally received a call back from Fred Newman, not sure when he called, but there was a message on my answering machine giving the thumbs up on the open mic. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the musician. I'll have to call him back.

The webmaster at has requested a phone conference. It took me a couple days to get my phone number to her due to a crazy weekend (some wild n' crazy, but that too is an entirely different blog). Hopefully we'll connect soon and my burning curiosity will be sated.

Still no word from booksellers, but it's time to shift the promotion wagon into overdrive. Less than 3 weeks to go!

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