Friday, January 26, 2007

Wakes in Progress:

Rev. Clarry says:

Hi there, I was hoping to get some people together to organize an event in Europe (being quite lazy, I was going for something in Brussels, but anywhere in Europe would be okay for me).
Anyone interested, please leave a comment at the blog or email Rev Clarry

Christina says:

Give me some ideas, I'm going to explore the possibility of an awake here in Colorado... I haven't heard/seen anything from Denver, so I'm assuming they are sucking the big one again. (ed note: are you going to take that lying down, Denver? Set up your own event before your reputation sets in!)

Christina didn't give me permission to publish her email, so email me! and I'll pass the word along to her if you have suggestions for her or would like to volunteer to help out.

Jack Babalon says his theatre company is hoping to organize an "open mic memorial" in Atlanta.

DrJon is taking suggestions for a location for a Brisbane memorial. If you have a suggestion for him, or would like to volunteer your assistance email me and I'll pass word along.

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drjon said...

A Wake for Robert Anton Wilson

Sunday 1pm at O'Malleys (in the Library Alcove and Environs), in the Wintergarden, Queen St Mall, Brisbane