Friday, January 26, 2007

Some More Memorial Buzzings


Rev. Raven Winker says:

I cannot make the trip, but if anyone wants to do a synchronized meme-orial here in Atl, I'm surely game. Contact me through my blogger profile and we can set it up.

Hail Eris!

Praise Bob!

Perhaps Rev Winker can connect with the other Atl group?


Jack Henry says:

To have wings or a teleporter indeed, really really wish I could be there.
If anyone is organising their own event in the U.K. please let me know!

The Purple GooRoo says:

I may just have to have my own memorial on the 18th of February...or if anyone is hosting a gathering near Oxford, UK, lemme know!

Donnacha Delong says:

I'm hoping to organise something big(ish) in London - please get in touch if you want to be involved.


Wal says:

Is there anybody in Germany who likes to organize with me a RAW Meme-Orial in Trier or Koblenz on February, 18th? Please write me


I keep hearing people asking about NYC events, but nothing in the making. C'mon NYC Wilsonites, Discordians, Erisians and Blumenkinder!

Kristian Stout says:

I would go to something in NYC. anyone organizing one please let me know.
you can get me through here if you are organizing anything.

christ. seen says:

ny seers check out happy ending lounge you can make a party for free just pay for the alc. check them out -contact them they are very open.

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kristian said...

NYC update

i talked to the people at the Slipper Room and they said we are welcome to gather at their place on February 17th.

I've heard they have a DVD projector, so perhaps we could even play some RAW vids while drinking and toasting.

I doubt they'd appreciate the flinging of lasagnas, but perhaps we could make everyone a pope instead ?

let me know if you want to come so i can make sure things get organized well.
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