Thursday, January 25, 2007

Planning a Wake - 3

Well, we've been linked to by Boing Boing and have received our first communication from someone else planning a celebration. How exciting!

In addition, we have listed ourselves (yes, it IS the royal we...I keep thinking at some point this will become more of a group effort) in Technorati.

I have heard rumours of events in Washington, Brisbane and London. Time will tell if these events come off the ground.

I have written to the bookshops again with the new date. I have already heard back from Pages books in Toronto, who unfortunately have an author series happening in January and February which will be keeping them too busy to man a table. Alas!

I have had an open mic suggested to me as well as an acoustic guy n' his guitar act who has been suggested as an appropriate entertainer for the event. I would be happy to have the guitarist/singer, though I'm a titch leery of an open mic. I think it's a splendid plan, I just can't be sure it'll be received well by all bar staff and patrons.

I have some surprises planned for the event as well.

My laundry goes neglected...

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Reverend Clarry said...

Hi there, I was hoping to get some people together to organize an event in Europe (being quite lazy, I was going for something in Brussels, but anywhere in Europe would be okay for me).
Anyone interested, please leave a comment at the blog I set up for this at or mail/msn me at peter_clerinx(at)msn(dot)com