Friday, January 26, 2007

A few days too late...

Maurice wrote me to say that he'd just heard about this blog and had already held an event in Los Angeles.

I've decided to post the event details here as an inspiration and source of activity ideas for other memorials.

Maurice says:
i had a small memorial here in Los Angeles last

Riders of the Divine Yeehah Memorial, Celebration and
Lasagna Throw for Robert Anton Wilson!

Calling all Riders,

A good man and influence left his body yesterday
morning and I'd like to have a little celebration for

Hot dogs on the house ! All who attend must bring
drink and a lasagna to throw at the end of the
evening. (see below)

Saturday, January 20th, 2007
7:00-10:00PM plus
5319 Packard St. >> Los Angeles, CA 90019
R.S.V.P. essential - please do through

7:00-8:00PM - Hot dogs and drinks
8:00-10:00PM - 5 minute readings/performance of
personal prose, recollections of RAW. If you would
like to participate in this please let me know.
Passages from his books can also be read.
10:00 - plus - Lasagna Throw.

Many asked if there was going to be a food fight. I
informed all that instead we would be hurtling lasagna
into the night sky. This was the high point of the
evening ; )

Here is suggestion for open mic - limit everyone who
speaks to five minutes, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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caleb said...

have there been any inquiries into throwing up in the phoenix area? if not i'd be happy to play the anchor and set something up.