Friday, January 19, 2007

Organizing a wake

The date of the wake was set for me, the same date as the memorial service seemed most appropriate.

Armed with the date, I asked around about venues large enough to accomodate lots of people, without needing to commit to a certain minimum. I found my location in the Imperial Library Pub, a book lined room run by a local book lover.

Things I had to clear with him:

Bringing in an effigy: Not that I had any intention of it being anything graphic or disturbing, but he did want to make sure that it wouldn't be. I also promised him that while it was an effigy, there was no intention to burn or otherwise cause mess or trouble pertaining to its presence.

Video facilities: After discussion, we found that he had a screen with DVD player. I was hoping he'd have a projector I could hook up to my laptop, to save me extensive editing duties, lacking that, I'll have to piece the files together and burn them to DVD.

Book Sellers table: I haven't yet lined up a book seller, but it's in my plan to arrange to have RAW's books for sale at the event. I had to clear with him permissions to invite someone in to do that.

Audio tools: For announcements, etc.

Once the venue was booked, it was time to build the flyer. The flyer I built has separate layers for the text and the images, so it's easy to adapt for any information. I built it in Adobe Illustrator and saved several versions: One for web, one for print and the original layered file.

I am distributing print and web versions to anyone who asks, and will be printing the print file and flyering in a few places starting this weekend.

Which brings us to promotion.

Obviously this site is part of the promotions.
Other ideas include contacting the philosophy departments at local colleges and universities, postering student halls, bars with clientele I think would be interested as well as respectfully contacting web groups and print publications.

I'll update after I speak with booksellers and as the process continues.

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