Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Planning a Wake - 2

So first I learned that the date I'd set for the wake was incorrect. Yikes! I had interpreted February 07 as Feb fact the memorial is now set for February 18th.

Time to backtrack.

So far, I had not lined up any booksellers: Out of two responses, Toronto's The Beguiling hadn't any stock and Toronto's Bakka Books was busy that night. I will be sending new emails to each shop in hopes that the extra 11 days might make a difference. As well, I will be sending emails to the remaining 5 shops I contacted with new requests. Hopefully they will be responsive this time. I may have to go in in person.

Fortunately, I had not yet managed to get flyers printed. Between my own illness and a few days of moving related scrambling, the print flyers had been put on hold. At least I won't have to replace flyers.

All it took to move the wake itself was a ten minute call to Fred Newman of Imperial Pub and the date was moved. The extra 11 days will be quite handy!

Today was spent updating the blog and updating my previous web networking groups of the change. Tomorrow, flyers will be printed and they will be distributed this weekend.

I contacted RAW's family to request some guidance for where to send any donations received. So far, I have no received a response.

Tomorrow also I will be looking into finding a few folks who might like to say a few words or participate in making this event as ridiculously discordant as a group of Toronto Erisians can manage.

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